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My new Pow device is not working - what is wrong!?

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So... you have received your new Pow-device, connected it to your Wifi, configured the meter (Configuration/Meter), the main page is open but... there is no data from the meter and a red HAN indicator (and maybe others).

Let me quote classic litterature: Don't panic!

Hardware configuration

The most usual problem is that you selected the wrong hardware profile during the configuration.

The firmware used in the Pow-devices is designed to be used on "any" design based on an ESP8266 or ESP32 module. However, those modules have a number of input/output pins, of which we only use a few.

To simplify the setup, a number of pre-defined hardware profiles are defined, which you can select during initial configuration:

The newer Pow-devices are one of the two first on this list:

  • Pow-K+ with ESP32
  • Pow-U with the data signal tied to microcontroller input GPIO12.

There is text on the board indicating which GPIO it uses.

If you by a mistake have selected the wrong profile, the simplest way to recover is to reconfigure by setting the device in access point mode: Press and hold AP button until LED blinks yellow, then connect to Wifi access point AMS2MQTT and open in your browser.

However, there is an alternative way:

You can change the settings in System/GPIO.

On this page you should not touch the "Multiplier" setting, as this is a calibration done before delivery of the ADC that reads the device voltage.

Newer devices should have the following settings:



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