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Denmark / encryption keys

Encryption keys are needed to decode the signals from your smart meter in Denmark.

You obtain the keys by contacting your grid company, and ask them to send you the keys.

You can find your grid company here:

For the Pow-K you need the encryption key in DMLS/COSEM format, often referred to as GPK60 and GPK61, which has two parts:

  • Encryption key
  • Authentication key

For some reason, the newer meters with P1 port do not seem to be encrypted.

Contact information to some of the Danish grid companies:

Radius E-mail to
Det er vigtigt at du sender os følgende oplysninger: e-mail adresse er der registreret på kundeforholdet, aftagenummer og målernummer.

Online order form:

Select "Pow-K+" from the dropdown menu.

Nord Energi Net

Online order form:

Request "type krypteringsnøgle": DMLS/COSEM (GPK60 + GPK61)

Please email us if you have information on how to obtain encryption keys from other Danish grid companies! We'll add it to the table.


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